Saturday, January 31, 2015

Have You Heard About Rexburg Freecycle?

First off, this post is geared toward the locals of Rexburg, Idaho. So, if your not a local feel free to pass this one up, but it's up to you!

When I moved to Rexburg Idaho and found myself with lots of things I really didn't need in my home. I decided to search on Facebook for a page that would let me free my house of some clutter. I came across the Rexburg Freecycle page and decided I would give it a try. On this group you can post things that you don't need or want. Or if you are looking for something that someone else is trying to get rid of you can try and find it on the page as well, and it's all FREE! This is such an awesome group to be apart of! If you have never heard of this group, well, sit back and I'll give you some information on the Facebook group, Rexburg Freecycle.

How It Started

Chris Freeman, the administrator of the site, and wife Sadie Freeman got the idea when they were living out of state. Their local community had a freecycle Facebook page and they were able to get a ton of stuff from it. Chris and Sadie state that, "When we moved back to Idaho, we really wanted to participate in a local freecycle. We did some looking, and discovered Rexburg didn't have one. Facebook groups are free, so we started one. Some of the other local groups, such as the 'community life in Rexburg' page, were kind enough to let us post a bit of publicity on their pages." 
Their membership increased quickly and reached a couple hundred within a couple days! Awesome! Chris says it has been going well ever since. The page has been up and running since September of 2014. With membership nearing 800 people, I would say it's going well also!


Rules to Abide By

Chris Freeman, the administrator of Rexburg Freecycle, was kind enough to provide me with some of the basic rules. If you are interested in joining this group, please be courteous enough to read these over and abide by them.

"Some basic rules: no first come first served. You can't just let people come by and pick it up because they arrived at your house first. You need to let interested people comment on your post and take them in the order posted. This allows for more courteous service and fewer hurt feelings. Nobody likes to comment that they are interested, only to show up and discover their item went to someone who commented after you (or didn't comment at all).
We also have a rule about cross-posting. In case you don't already know, a cross post is when an item is posted on multiple boards in an effort to get rid of it. I know, this rule may seem over strict, but it's designed to keep happy members. If someone has a post on my page as well as someone else's, and 2 different people post on it (1 on each site) who gets the item? You can't enforce the first post rule because there are 2 first posts, totally independent of each other. By not cross-posting, we can avoid this."

We appreciate the efforts Chris and Sadie have put into this group to make it work for the needs of Rexburg. Please head over to Rexburg Freecycle on Facebook and make the most this great group.

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Questions for YOU!
Have you ever been apart of a freecycle before? Did you like it?
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