Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Manic Monday! - $0.34 for Palmolive Dish Soap

Here is my Manic Monday post for yesterday. So I do my shopping on Mondays and that can be a little crazy because I think everybody shops on Monday! I have found that the best time to do my shopping is around 9 or 10 in the morning. Walmart is pretty empty at that time. On Sunday I prepared for my shopping trip by looking at store ads and searching for coupons. So time consuming but worth it. I had my shopping list ready and my deals I was going to get planned out. Or so I thought.

Planning Gone Wrong!

When I plan out my shopping trips I use my Walmart app to check some prices and use that to see if I can get a good deal. Well, I keep forgetting that we have the most LAME Walmart here in Rexburg. Which means they don't carry half of the items they should. So a few of my deals that I was planning on getting, including a money maker purchase, fell through when I arrived at the store. Sad day! I'm learning that it is going to be important to pay attention to what this Walmart does and doesn't have in its inventory. Luckily with my planning, I also kept in mind that they might not work for some reason. So I pushed on and was able to find some great deals still.

Deals I Found!

In the Walgreen's ad this week, bounty paper towels are on sale: 6pk for 4.99. I went to the paper towel isle at Walmart to price match the item and got a little worried. Which one!? Is it the basic or the regular Bounty? When in doubt...ASK! I got an amazing deal!


Walgreens ad screen shot

I picked the one that looked closest to what was in the store ad and brought it to one of the sales associates and asked if this was the one to price match. She looked at the package for a minute and said that she thinks it should work and I shouldn't have any problem. I was so stoked! When I went to checkout I showed the screen shot I had on my phone of the ad and she price matched the item, no questions asked. I had a coupon as well that took off an additional .25 cents. A huge package of awesome paper towels for $4.74! They originally cost $8.98. Love it!

Another great deal I found was this Swiffer starter kit. I had a coupon printed off the internet for $2 off a Swiffer starter kit. (On coupons.com)

This is priced at $2.97 at Walmart. So with my coupon I got it for .97 cents. My house was getting dusty so I managed to score this just in time before the dust bunnies took over my house!

Delio number 3! Palmolive for .34 cents? Yes, please! There is a coupon in the SS (Smart Source) from 1/18 that is .50 cents off Palmolive. 

These were originally .84 cents. Not too shabby of a deal.

In the end I had two transactions. One for groceries, which I used coupons for and managed to save $12.15. My second transaction was supposed to be over $17 and I only paid $8. Love those savings!

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Question for YOU!
What deals did you manage to score this week?
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  1. Great blog!
    One of the first things we couponers learn about Rexburg is the lameness of the Walmart!
    I loved your Dollar Tree post on the Facebook group a few days ago. I sometimes forget that Dollar Tree is a great place to coupon.

  2. Thank you so much! It was so mind blowing when I first moved to Rexburg and saw the Walmart. Such a sad day! I guess we just learn to adjust though. I am always taken by surprise with the items the Dollar Tree carries. Such a hidden treasure!

  3. Stephanie are you aware of savings catcher at Walmart? If it's offered there, don't price match. Let the app find the lowest price by scanning your 20 local competitors ads and then transfer the savings to a bluebird card (to be used in walmart) for double the money through 2/15. By doing this, your bounty paper towels would have basically been free!!! Love the savings catcher app and scan my receipt before I ever leave the store.

  4. I love savings catcher! I do use it every trip to Walmart but I decided to price match the paper towels because I wasn't sure if I had the right ones being advertised. I would have been so bummed if they weren't the right ones and I ending up paying almost $9! I figured I would rather be safe than sorry. Savings catcher is awesome though!