Saturday, February 28, 2015

Couponing at the Dollar Tree

One of my favorite places to use coupons is the Dollar Tree, but it is also one of the most annoying places to use coupons as well. The Dollar Tree carries a great variety of items. Household, beauty, toys, and groceries. If you're lucky your Dollar Tree might have a frozen and refrigerated section as well. Unfortunately mine does not. There are a few things I want to address about using coupons at the Dollar Tree on this post. Kind of my pros and cons of shopping here.

Name Brands...

So with couponing you are usually getting name brand products from the store. That is one thing I love about using coupons. I can get Olay body wash for $1.50! I would never even think about buying something like that because usually it goes for five or six dollars. Anyways, to get to my Dollar Tree point let me tell you a short story. Last week I prepared a shopping trip to the Dollar Tree. A $33 retail shopping trip but with my coupons it would have cost my $10. In this trip I was hoping to get Halls Cough drops, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, Pediacare medicine, Triamenic medicine, and a few other items. I had several freebies I was going to get. So I went into my local Dollar Tree and started walking around in search of my items. By the time I was done, I left the store with .25 cent pens and .50 cent candies. Cost me about $2.50. I was so aggravated. Apparently my Dollar Tree does not carry too many name brand items. I know that some do though because my sister back in Missouri said that her Dollar Tree carries nothing but name brand items. Ugh. So depending on where you live you will either score high or low with your couponing attempts.


Now with all that said, when they do carry some of the name brand items you are looking for, you can really hit the jackpot! Free stuff! And who doesn't want free stuff!? In order to get free items at this store, you need to keep an eye out for "$1 off of one" coupons. Then become familiar with the items that your Dollar Tree carries. This week on my Dollar Tree venture I managed to find Neutrogena Acne Cream Cleanser for free! A few weeks ago I scored some free Soft Soap hand soap. 

So shopping at the Dollar Tree is not a total loss and can have it's benefits. For those of you with a Dollar Tree near you that carries all name brands, take advantage of that luxury.

Coupon Limits

When you are using coupons at the Dollar Tree you want to make sure you read over the Dollar Tree coupon policy. It can be found on their website but I have provided a link to it right here:
You might want to print this out and keep it with you when you are couponing here. Something to be aware of with the coupon limits is they only accept two online printable coupons per day, per household. They will accept manufactures coupons, one per item, and up to four like coupons. These are pretty simple terms and easy to follow. 

Coupons That Won't Scan...

Now I had this happen to me a few weeks ago. The cashier tried scanning a coupon, and it didn't scan the first time. So I just dealt with the fact that I would not be getting that item. Last week several of my coupons didn't scan. They were all corrct and matched the items so the cashier scanned them for a second time and they went through perfectly. So just a handy tip, if it doesn't scan the first time, make sure they try one more time. It will more than likely work!

One last tip before I wrap up this post. Be sure you are reading the size restrictions on the coupons! Dollar Tree can be a pain when it comes to this. I had a coupon for $1 off 2 Halls Cough drops 17 count, but they only had the 16 count. Bummer.

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Questions for YOU! 
Does your Dollar Tree carry name brand items or do we share the same struggle? What freebies have you scored at your Dollar Tree store? Please leave comments!


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  1. Omg... coupons for 17 count but they only sell the 16 count... what an insignificant annoyance! LOL - great tips :)

  2. My Shop Rite cashiers will sometimes scan coupons and not say anything if they don't work. It's great advice to always watch and make sure your coupons are applied! Thanks for all the info.

  3. I love the Dollar Tree! It's my go-to place when I'm having a party, because they have perfect things that you can use either just once and throw away or sometimes they have things nice enough for a few good uses. My Dollar Tree is pretty decent and does have a refrigerated section. I never thought to use coupons at the Dollar Tree though. This changes everything!