Monday, February 9, 2015

Manic Monday - New Baby!

So my Manic Monday post this week is out of the norm. We had our sweet baby boy on Wednesday! He is a little guy, 6 lbs. But oh so cute. So because of that I wont be doing my regular shopping trip today. I am hoping for a quick recovery so I can maybe get out sometime later this week and do some shopping. We thankfully stocked up on some food before hand, so we will be good til I can get out again. I've been sending my husband out to get some small items and he has been a trooper about it. He doesn't like shopping but he is always willing to jump to the occasion to get me what I need. Oh how I love him! Anyways, enough luvy dovey! Since I'm not able to get out I thought that I would just use this post to let you guys know of some deals I found in the papers and was planning on getting.

Deals I Found!

Note: I wasn't able to get out to our Walmart to see if they carry these items so keep that in mind when price matching. 

Walgreen's has Charmin Basic on sale for $2.99. I thought this was a pretty good deal.

Arrid deodorant at Walgreens for .99 cents. This goes for $1.97 at Walmart. Great deal!

Family Dollar has dawn dish soap for .90 cents. Print off a coupon for .25 cents off a dawn product at Makes them .65 cents each! Lysol wipes for $2. These go for $2.48 for 35 count at Walmart.

Fred Myer has Del Monte canned vegetables for .59 cents. These go for .98 cents at Walmart.

These were just a few deals I thought were worth passing along. I hope you can find these and let me know how you faired in your shopping ventures this week!

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Questions for YOU!
What was the most successful shopping trip you have done? How much did you save? Share your experience! Please leave comments!


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