Monday, February 2, 2015

Manic Monday! - $1.99 Cottonelle Toilet Paper

I was a little worried this weekend that I wasn't going to be able to do my Manic Monday post because... I thought I was going into labor! False alarm folks! I have only 5 days til my due date so we are ready for him to come anytime now. But he decided not yet. Anyways, this shopping trip went great! I didn't have any problems. I spent about 2 hours last night looking over the store ads, making a list, gathering up my coupons, and trying to get my total under $40 after coupons. I calculated and recalculated until I got it to the right number. My usual budget I set for groceries per week is around $50. And that was before I started using coupons. Now I try to keep it under $40 or close to it.

My messy shopping list!

A Couple of Tips For You!

First thing, make sure the items are ringing up at the right price. I had an item that was on sale in the paper but did not ring up at the price it should have. If that happens don't be afraid to ask for the cashier to double check. Luckily I had the ad with me so she kindly fixed it for me. Another thing, it is so handy to plan out your shopping list with the closest price possible. I do most of my shopping at Walmart so I just use their website to get prices so I can have a somewhat accurate total of what my shopping trip will cost. This is helpful in case something rings up at the wrong price and your total is way off. Just quickly look over the totals and see which one doesn't match. I hate getting home and going over my receipt to find that something rang up way more than what I thought it would. Just keep an eye out! One more handy tip for if you are price matching items. If you can, take a snapshot on your phone of the items you are price matching. It makes it so much easier!

Some Great Deals I Found!

These pizzas are on sale at Walmart for $4.50 each. There is a coupon on for $2 off when you buy two. That makes them $3.50 each. Not too shabby!

These trash bags are on sale at Family Dollar for $5.50. Make sure to pay attention to size and quantity. These are originally $8.46 at Walmart. That's almost $3 off! No coupon needed.

These Hamburger Helpers are on sale at Family Dollar 3 for $3. They go for $1.34 at Walmart. Use the coupon at for .75 cents off when you buy 3. That makes these .75 cents each! 

These 3oz lotions are priced at Walmart for $1.84. There is a coupon on for $3 off Jergens lotion when you buy 2. That makes these .34 cents each!

And for the grand finale! These are on sale at Walgreens for $3.99. If you go to and sign up, you can get a $2 off 12 count toilet paper coupon. That makes these $1.99 each!! I used two different email addresses and was able to get two coupons. These are $6.97 at Walmart. Great deal!

SO, my total retail cost, on my whole transaction of groceries, should have cost me $68.32 before taxes and I managed to get it down to $38.74 BT! My total savings was $29.58! LOVE IT! Well, that is all for this week. Good luck everybody in your shopping ventures this week! 

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Questions for YOU! 
What great deals did you find this week? Were you able to get any of these deals above?
Please leave comments!


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  1. Coupon says it's only good when you buy the toilet paper and the wipes

  2. It does seem like it says that but I wonder if it means you could use it on either one. My Walmart took the coupon with out any problems and I only had the toilet paper. It scanned perfectly and from what I've seen, if the items that are scanned don't match what the coupon requires the computer/register will catch it and won't allow the coupon to be used. But I could be totally wrong! I hope the coupon works for you though!

  3. debsdialogues is right. There is a lower value coupon that could work. In the SS 1/11 insert there is a .50/1 Cottenelle 9-pack or larger.