Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thoughts on Savings Catcher

If you want to save some time in planning your shopping trip, try this awesome app! Savings Catcher from Walmart. I love this app. I have only been using it for a couple weeks now but I've fallen in love! I use it every trip to Walmart. This app will compare the prices of your local stores to find the lowest price on the items you purchased. If it finds a lower price then it will give you back the difference on a Walmart e-gift card.

Initial Thought

When I first heard about this app my initial thought was, "how could it possibly give me back enough money to make it worth my while??". Well, I have been using it for only three weeks and I have received $7 back so far! Okay, I know that's not a huge number but I was surprised. When I go shopping at Walmart I use this every time. As soon as I am in my car after my shopping trip I scan my receipt. It takes about two days to process everything. For us here in Rexburg, there are only about 5 stores that it will compare prices with but I have still come across some great savings.

My Favorite Thing About Savings Catcher!

If you use coupons while you shop it's still great to use this app! Savings Catcher will give the difference of the item as though you didn't use a coupon. Example: If I buy some chips for $3 and use a coupon that takes .50 cents off and makes the cost for me $2.50, and Savings Catcher finds an advertised price of that item for $2, it will still give me back the difference of $1. I hope that makes sense! 

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Questions for YOU!
Have you used Savings Catcher and do you feel like it is worth using?
Please leave comments!


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  1. I can't wait to get an Android phone. We're in the process of saving up for one. There are so many apps like this one that I really want to try. Great review, thanks.

    1. That will be so exciting! There are some great savings apps out there that I know you will love! Some of my faves are Ibotta, shopkick, and the savings catcher. But there are so many more! I will be doing more reviews on different apps throughout my blogging, so be sure to check them out when I post them. Thanks for reading! - ThriftyBurg