Saturday, April 25, 2015

Eating Healthy While Couponing... Is it Possible?

When I started getting the hang of using coupons, I started to realized that even though I was getting great deals on some yummy food, all the food I was getting was not very all! I have lots of snack foods and hamburger helper because, hey, they are cheap to begin with and they get even cheaper with coupons. I started to wonder though if it was possible to eat healthy and still be able to coupon. Is it?

It is! While there are not a lot of coupons out there for fresh foods, there are apps that will give you money back on fruits and vegetables. My favorites are Ibotta and Checkout51. These apps are great and also have money back on healthy cereals, breads, healthy snacks, drinks, and so much more. There is a new app I found called Berrycart. I haven't used it yet but it looks like you can get money back on all sorts of organic foods.



 Keep in mind that preparing healthy meals doesn't always mean you just need fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep a look out for deals on pasta. I found a great deal on pasta a few weeks ago and managed to score ten boxes of name brand pasta for only .49 cents each. Keep a look out for coupons and special deals on healthy cereals. Meat sales are a great way to stock up on some meats for your home. Our Albertson's always has a b1g2 free deal on several items. If you keep a sharp eye out and look for the healthy options you will be surprised at what you might find.

Something I am going to try out in the next couple of weeks is a little bit of meal planning. I think this will work well because I will keep an eye out for only the things I need for the recipes I have planned instead of just loading up on junk because it is on sale. I am going to turn to my handy Pinterest for help on this one. I have created a board strictly for healthy meal planning. I am hoping this plan works out. If it does I will be sure to write a blog post on it and tell you all how it went.

A great way to save some money when thinking healthy is growing some of your own herbs and small vegetables. At the moment I have parsley, basil, green onion, and lettuce that I have planted and will hopefully be able to use in a few weeks. It is a pretty inexpensive way to keep some fresh items in your home for less.

My small herb garden

Another idea I had was to do some extreme couponing for your everyday household items. Like toilet paper, paper towels, and other similar items that usually cost a fortune. Get those items at rock bottom prices and maybe splurge a bit on the food part to get a more healthier selection. Just a thought.

Being coupon minded and eating healthy can be doable. It takes a little more effort and self control, at least on my part. I hope these insights were helpful. If you have any more tips on couponing for healthy foods please share!

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Questions For YOU!
What are some ways you keep it healthy on a budget? Have you ever done meal planning? If so, did it work out for you? Please leave comments!


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