Monday, April 27, 2015

Manic Monday! - Glade Kit Money Maker!

So I hope you all were able to print off those awesome high value coupons on Huggies last week. $4.50 off of 1! Awesome! Even the $3 off of 1 is a great coupon. There was also $3 off of Huggies wipes! When I saw those were available to print I jumped on those fast. I then went to search out some great deals on wipes and diapers. I was able to find a great deal on the wipes at Walgreens. The big boxes of wipes were on sale for buy 1 get one %50 off. So I went for that deal and used 2 of the $3 off wipes coupons and ended up paying around $13 for over 700 wipes. Not too shabby! here are some other great deals I found this week.

Deals I Found

This week at Walgreens the Glade Automatic Spray kits are on sale for sale for $5.49. There is a coupon from 3/8 SS $3 off Glade Auto Spray Kit. Combine that with the Ibotta offer which is another $3 back. That is a .51 cent moneymaker! You will also recieve a $1 RR (register reward) on top of all that!

At Walmart Huggies are priced at $7.87. If you were able to print off that great coupon then you will be able to get these for as low as $3.37! If not you can use the $3 off coupon and still get these for $4.87 which is still a great deal!

At Walmart this Colgate Enamel Health is $2.96. In this weeks SS 4/26 there is a great coupon for $2 off this item. It makes it only .96 cents! 

I hope you are able to find some great deals this week along with these deals I found. Don't forget to check your rebate apps to get savings on your produce! Good luck on your shopping ventures this week!

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Questions For YOU!
Were you able to find some great deals using the Huggies coupons? Please leave comments!

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