Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Questions for my Readers!! Please Help!

Hey everybody! Here is an out of the norm post but I need some help from you all. I am writing an ebook and would love to get some insight from all of you! I am look for questions and issues to address in my book that you all would like answered. Please comment on questions you have about being thrifty, saving money, starting a budget, using coupons, or anything else you can think of that relates to my blog. This will help me out a ton and would be much appreciated! I am so grateful for all the support I have got so far in my blogging journey and I want to say thank you all! My blog is in its third month and has already hit 3,000 page views and still going strong. This number is much more than I had anticipated. So I just want to say thank you all!

Please leave comments with your questions and you might find it featured in my ebook!

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  1. I would be curious to hear your thoughts about saving money when your income is tiny. In this case, I'm talking about how you've already done most of the regular saving stuff like selling a car and cutting back on the food budget.