Thursday, April 9, 2015

DIY Headboard

The meaning of thrifty: (of a person or their behavior) using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.

Yesterday I got the urge to do a fun DIY project. I sat down with my tablet and started searching around Pinterest for ideas. I also kept in mind what I needed around my house. I have a long list of projects that I want to do in my apartment. I need to reupholster my couch, I want to restyle my bathroom, I need a headboard for our bedroom, I have a few kitchen decor projects I want to do as well. So I decided to go with making a headboard for our bed. I found a great video to follow and thought that it looked easy enough. So I made a run to a few stores to get some supplies. There is a video below that I followed that will give better directions.

I started out with six foam boards from the Dollar tree. I bought an extra one just in case, and I did end up needing it for the mounting process. I made the length 60 inches long and the height was 30 inches because that is how high the foam board is. So, I placed three of the boards in a row and applied hot glue on them and then place the other three right on top to make it two boards thick for more sturdiness.  I taped them all together with duct tape. I then applied 2 layers of quilting batting (I suggest high loft batting. I used low loft because that is all that was available but I didn't get the poof I was looking for but it still worked) and glued it on with the glue gun. I then applied the fabric over the batting and glued it to the back.

The back view
I then took the extra fabric and used 11 cover buttons to make the button embellishments. I wanted to do a row of 4, then a row of 3, and then another row of 4. So I measured out the distance between buttons and rows. It was harder than I thought because I am not very good at math! Then I took a fairly thick needle and some sturdy string and poked through the board and fabric to attach the buttons. I then pulled the string tight and tied each one.

The front should look like this.

In order to mount this I cut pieces of the foam board and glued it to the back and then used command strips to stick it to the wall.

My finished product!

I love the way this looks and it was pretty easy to make. I am hoping that it stays attached to the wall. I am almost expecting to wake up with this thing on top of me! God thing it is light! But I hope it holds. The hardest part of making this was picking out the fabric. I decided to keep it simple but you could pick a fabric that makes a statement. You could even make the fabric on the buttons a different color to give it more color.


7 foam boards from Dollar Tree - $7
Tape from the Dollar Tree - $1
Needles from Walmart - $1.67
4 packages of cover buttons (these come in different sizes and quantities) from Walmart - $1.97 each
Batting high loft (I used the queen size to be safe but you could probably do the full size and have enough) from Walmart - $9.97
Glue gun from Walmart - $2.97
Glue from Walmart - $.97
2 yards of fabric from Porters - $6.99 per yard.

Total: $44.46 (see below for actual total)

Items I had at home:
Ruler or measuring tape

These supplies and expenses may vary from person to person. I didnt have a glue gun or tape so I had to make a few extra expenses. I also got way too much batting then what I needed. So, in all reality the total would be closer to $35. This is a bit more of a pricey project than I normally do. But a headboard can be pretty costly. I really enjoyed making this and seeing the end result. So give it a try and enjoy!

Here is the video I followed.

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Questions For YOU!
What DIY projects do you have planned for your home?


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