Monday, May 18, 2015

Manic Monday! - Digiorno Pizza for $3.98!

Hey all! I'm back! Last week was a long week of sneezing, sore throats, fevers, and lots of sleeping. But I am 100% better and ready to get back to blogging! So far my baby has not caught what I had and I am hoping that he never does. I hope you all have been well and haven't given up on me posting to my blog. I did make a few attempts to write a post but I was too tired to think. So I just told myself that I needed to get better first. I'm so glad I gave myself some time to get better and not push myself to get it all done. Sorry again! But I am back! There are great deals this week everywhere but I mainly stuck to Albertson's this week because their deals are amazing this week.

Deals I Found

At Albertson's this week, Digiorno pizzas are on sale for $4.98. In this week's SmartSource there is a coupon for $1.00 off Digiorno Pizzeria pizzas. That makes these $3.98. These originally go for $7.29. Get these almost half off while you can! The sale ends on Tuesday!

There is a great sale going on at Albertson's this week. Buy 10 for only $1.88. No coupons needed! You have many selections to pick from. Marie Calendar's, Healthy Choice and more! These are originally $3.29. Great deal! 

 If you are craving something sweet this week try these Snickers Ice Cream Bars. On there is a coupon for $1.00 off when you buy one. That makes these only $2.28. A great price to get a couple of these. And there are coupons inside these boxes! ;)

There are so many great deals going on at Albertson's this week that you will want to check out including pudding cups for .79 cents for a four pack and Powerade for .58 cents. With all the savings going on there I was able to save $31 off of my total! I hope you can find these great deals this week. Let me know of some great deals you find and share with others you know. Good luck on your shopping ventures this week!

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Questions For YOU!
What are some of your favorite sales going on this week? What are some of your favorite coupons you have found this week? Please leave comments!


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