Saturday, May 30, 2015

My List of "Must Dos" with your Baby

I am a new mom of a little boy. He is almost four months now and developing beautifully. When I think of a developing child there are so many stages to consider and that I make sure my baby is reaching. I am a child development major so the developing child is something that is near and dear to my heart. Not only because it is something I am studying but something that is so important for us, as parents. When we are young our minds are like a blank slate that is ready for learning. We, as parents must always keep that in mind.

A developing child has many influences around him or her. These influence can be people such as parents, siblings, grandparents, neighbors, etc. There are other influences around a child that are not people as well. Such as nature, books, toys, actions, etc. 

As a parent I have come to understand that my child needs and must have certain attention and things. As most parents we are, in a sense, programmed to know what are children need. I think that sometimes we feel like we are too busy to pay extra attention to our children but we cannot think like that. We cannot make up excuses that will stop us from furthering the development of our children. I have come up with a list of "must dos" to do with an infant and why I feel these are important. I also will provide a link to a blog article that I thought was relevant to the matter. These are just things I feel are crucial for a developing baby. 
  1. Tummy time - Tummy time allows a baby to build muscles in their head, neck, and shoulders and helps them to learn to hold their heads up on their own. It helps them learn to roll over. I would recommend constant supervision during this time.
  2. Getting down to their level when you talk to them; face to face -  Doing this will help the development of speech. They hear your voice and watch the movement of your mouth. You may think that your baby is too young to talk now but you have to start somewhere, right? With an infant it is always the best to start from the moment they are born.
  3. Take them outside; go for walks - Taking them outside will get a lot of their senses going. They are seeing different colors, hearing noises, smelling new smells, and getting some vitamin D! They don't have to be a certain age to start this. It can start very young and it is encouraged to start taking them outside at a young age.
  4. Hold them when you are feeding them - And pay attention to them. This is an important bonding process for you and your baby. It should never be overlooked. Holding your baby, making eye contact, and talking to them while feeding is creating a bond between you and your baby that will last forever! This goes for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. There is absolutely no excuse for propping a bottle while your baby is trying to feed. It is lazy and damages their development.
  5. Read to them; talk to them; sing to them - Reading to your baby from the time they are born brings in significant developmental learning for your baby. When you read to them, they hear your voice, they hear words, and learning begins. Using different tones can teach them about different moods. Learning starts from birth, so never think that they are too young for a book. Even reading a newspaper or magazine article can stir these developments as well. Just as long as you are reading something.
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Questions For YOU!
What are some of your "must dos" you do with your baby? Please leave comments!

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