Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Youtube Favorites!

Happy Saturday everybody! It is Memorial Day weekend and that means no school on Monday. I get to have an extra day of whatever with my little family. We really don't have any plans for Memorial Day but I am sure we will come up with something last minute like we usually do. I hope you all enjoy your long weekend. I thought for this post it would be fun to mention a few of my favorite vloggers and Youtube favorites. These are not all people that are necessarily Thrifty in nature but just some people I really enjoy following on Youtube.

Anna Saccone

She is one of my favorite vloggers on Youtube. I love her channel. She has mommy related vlogs, cooking, fashion, makeup, and pretty much everything I love. She is funny and her kids are adorable. I would recommend following her vlogs. You will love them if you are into fashion and all that stuff.


This is another vlog that Anna Saccone does but it is with her whole family. Her and her husband are so funny and cute. They do vlogs everyday and are very good at keeping up with posting them. They just vlog about their day and what they did. It is sometimes pretty funny to watch them.

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt has a great channel on Youtube. He has been my inspiration to keep blogging. He is a business man who helps people get there blog out there and really just get themselves heard. He has written books and is a very avid blogger. Without his helpful tips and advice my blog would not be doing as good as it is. If you are a blogger or interested in doing a blog I would check out his videos on his channel. They are great!


These ladies are the reason I started couponing. They are why I understand it now and why I am doing so well. Their channel on Youtube is so awesome. They have so many different videos to help you understand the aspects of couponing and saving money. They can show you coupon organization ideas, to what stores are best to coupon at. Check them out if you are a couponer or just beginning. 


This lady cracks me up. She is a couponer and she has so much fun with it. She mainly does her couponing at Target and she does videos each week of great deals to find at Target. If you coupon and live near a Target I would definitely check out her channel. She is so fun to watch! And the deals she finds are awesome!

These are just a few of my favorite Youtube channels that you should check out. I hope you like them. If you have any that you would like to suggest, just leave a comment below. Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend everybody!

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Questions For YOU!
Have you heard of any of these channels? What are some of your favorites that you follow? Please leave comments!


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  1. oooh, this is a helpful post because I'd like to do more YouTube viewing and need some point-me-in-the-right-direction tips! I'm bookmarking this and returning! Thank you!