Saturday, June 20, 2015

Essential Oils Review

Hey all! Here is a review for you on Essential Oils. I have been so excited for this review. Two weeks ago I received several different Essential Oils to test and see the benefits and to see if they really worked for me and my family. I have heard mention of essential oils but I never really knew much about them. What were they? How did they work? Did they work? I got all the answers to these questions and more. I got actual results. 

These oils are used for physical and emotional wellness and can be used singly or in different blends. They can be used by diffusing them into the air, applied to the skin, or taken internally as part of a dietary supplement.

My Experience 

The oils I was given to use are: Peppermint, Serenity, Wild Orange, Past Tense, Breathe, Lavender, On-Guard, and Digest-Zen. I started using them the day I got them. I can honestly say that I saw results the day I received the oils. I suffer from moderate to severe migraines. I get them almost on a weekly basis. It just so happened the day I received these oils I was getting a migraine as well. It wasn't full blown yet but I decided I would give these oils a try. I tried the peppermint for my migraine. I rubbed it on my forehead where I usually feel the migraine and I put some in my hands to breathe the oils in. I love the smell of peppermint! I can honestly say that within minutes, I couldn't feel the migraine any more. I am constantly taking Excedrin and I hate the amount of caffeine I am taking with those. I was amazed! This one worked but would the others work?

I have asthma as well. A "wonderful" thing that unfortunately runs in my family. About two days ago I was starting to feel a bit of tightness in my chest when I was breathing, so I knew my asthma was acting up a bit. I tried the Breathe oil. I put some in my hands and breathed in the aroma and almost immediately I felt a difference in how I was breathing.

Last week my 4 months old was starting to teeth. Poor little guy was crying and trying to find anything to put in his mouth. I frantically ran to the store to buy teether toys that would soothe and ease the pain. They worked for a few minutes but I had to resort to Tylenol. The next day he was just as fussy so I looked through my little essential oils booklet that describes what each oil can treat. I found that Lavender was good for treating teething. I put a drop on the end of a cotton swap and diffused it with coconut oil and rubbed it on his gums. Within about five minutes he was so calm and took a nap.

I love these oils and will be buying more for my family to use. I know that they are safe and that they work. I have not found a negative aspect to these oils. I love that they are made from the elements God put here on earth. I could recommend this product to be used in your home and I know you will love them!

How to Purchase

I was given these oils by a local lady, Monica, here in Rexburg. She has kindly given me some information on how you can learn more and purchase this product. I really enjoyed working with her. When she gave me the oils for the first time, she explained everything clearly and was always willing to help if I had a question. If you would like to contact Monica you can email her at Below is a webinar in which she gives a basic introduction to essential oils.


Thank you for taking the time in reading this review. If you have any stories or testimonials you would like to add, please do so in the comment section below.


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