Friday, June 5, 2015

Interested in a Review for Your Product?

My review will include:
An image of the product, the product description, buyer description (who the product is for/not for), proof (an unbiased review, proof that the product works, quality), is there a negative side (if any) to this product (but recommend why I would still buy despite any negatives), and a call- to- action (direct people to your website to purchase the product).
Reviews will appear every Saturday on my blog. So don’t worry if you don’t see a review for your product immediately. I have a schedule to keep on my blog. Your review will appear! Promise! I ask that you give me a few days to really try the product and get a feel for it. I am open to reviewing any type of product at this time that could relate to my readers. (I don't want ex: Selling your brand of a lawn mower? Please don’t ask me to review it because it doesn’t really relate to my readers on my blog.) Some examples of items that would be good are books, clothing, handmade crafts, beauty/fashion items, and many other varieties. Have a baking business? Count me in! I can review foods as well. Have a business where you offer personal consulting services? (ex: finance consulting, beauty, health, and fitness consulting.) I would love to give a review on my experience with you! (Note: I would recommend having a website for your business in order to redirect people to your product/service. If you don’t have a website please let me know how the buyer may contact you for more information.) The only compensation I am seeking right now is I keep to keep the product in exchange for the review.

What I will need from you:
The product/service I am reviewing, your website to direct buyers who are interested in buying your product/service, an email address to contact you if I have any questions, anything you would like me to mention in the review, and your description of the product (This will be included in the review so make sure it is short and well written).

Any questions for me? Don’t see a product or service listed? Please email me @ to see if your product or service would fit the criteria of my blog.

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