Saturday, June 20, 2015

ItWorks! Body Wrap Review

The ItWorks! body wrap is such a big hype these days. I have seen many people who are trying out these wraps and selling them. I was so curious to try it out. When I was contacted by Stormi to try the wrap and give it a review, I jumped to the opportunity!

"The It Works! body wrap is basically a cloth with lotion on it. The lotion is made of all natural ingredients, so it's safe and healthy for you! You can put the rap on anywhere you want (except for the face). How it works is the ingredients absorb into your skin and bind to the toxins in your fat cells. To get the toxins out, you just drink lots of water and it flushes them completely out of your body and shrinks your fat cells! It helps to tighten, tone, and firm your skin! Just like any other lifestyle the results can be permanent with a wrap when you have a healthy lifestyle. It is not "required" to have a healthy lifestyle to get the results you want, but it WILL help enhance your results. You can use these wraps ANYWHERE (except your face) we have a specific facial wrap if you want to wrap your face. This is NOT a water weight loss. With It Works! wraps you are increasing your water intake, which means you aren't losing water weight if you have to increase your water intake." - Stormi, an ItWorks! Distributor.

My Experience

When I received the body wrap I was so eager and so excited to use it! I'm pretty sure I jumped up and down saying to my husband, "I'm so excited to try it! Can I do it now?!" So with much anticipation, I followed the directions that were given to me and placed the wrap around my stomach. Only four months after having a baby, I decided that was the place that I wanted to see some results. I used saran wrap to hold the wrap in place and waited eagerly for the hours to pass until I would be able to see what the results would be. 

As soon as the saran wrap was in place I felt the tingling of the lotion starting to work. I loved the smell of the lotion! It reminded me of peppermint. According to the directions you can leave the wrap on anywhere from 45 minutes to 8 hours. I left mine on for about 2 1\2 hours. When the time came to remove the wrap from my tummy, I was stoked! 


I stepped back to see if there was a difference and I could tell that my tummy was more firm. It did work but not as drastic as I was hoping. Now understand that I did only use one wrap and from just the one wrap I noticed a bit of a difference. I have heard that four is the amount of wraps that yield better results. But the excitement alone of trying the product was so fun. 

24 hours after
72 hours after

Looking at the pictures I took, I would have to say that there is a little bit of a difference visually, but not super drastic. I'm sure results also vary for each person. So I would say that I could recommend this product because I did see my stomach was more firm. I could see it working with more drastic results when you use more wraps for sure!

How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing an ItWorks! wrap please contact Stormi. She is a local distributor here in Rexburg for the ItWorks! company. She has been so helpful through the "wrapping" process and gave me lots of information about the wrap. I know she will help you as well to get the best experience possible! Her website is

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  1. Would it be too late to use it after a year of having a baby?

    1. Oh not at all! I'm pretty sure you could use it anytime.

    2. It's never too late to use the wraps! You can use them ANYTIME! <3