Monday, August 17, 2015

5 easy ways to relieve stress when couponing!

I have heard from many people that have tried couponing in the past that it was just too time consuming and stressful. I know that it is stressful at times for me too! I will take a few hours to plan out a shopping trip to the tee and find that when I get to the store, it falls through. Stressful! I can get stressed out when I approach the checkout counter. I can get stressed out when it becomes necessary to get the items at rock bottom prices. I can get stressed out when all of coupons are taking over my house. There has to be a way to make couponing less stressful! And there is!
Follow these 5 easy steps to coupon with less stress!

1. Always be prepared - When going for a big couponing trip I always make sure I am prepared in advanced. I will either prepare the day before or a few hours before. It always helps to write down everything I am buying and the prices of each item. I always make sure to have all the coupons I am using in a separate envelope or Ziploc bag.

2. Take a break - When I coupon week after week I find that I get a little tired of planning and looking for deals, so every now then I need to take a break. I will still use coupons when I shop but it is just a few to save a few dollars. I will take a break from planning and searching for deals and trust me, it relives so much stress in my week. Don't overdo it!

3. Don't go extreme - When I plan a shopping trip to last me the week I usually keep to the items I need and don't go extreme. Some will stock up for the next few months. I find that a little over the top. But that is just me. It may work best for you and your family's situation to stock up for a few months. It will be a stressful trip though. I find that getting only what I need for the week and maybe for the next week, if it is a good price, works great for me and cuts out so much stress.

4. Stay organized - When I get my coupons every week I find that keeping them organized will help me be able to find everything super easy when I am planning for a shopping trip. There have been weeks where I have tossed my coupon inserts into my coupon bin and I won't keep them together by date. It turns into such a mess and it makes planning more difficult than it needs to be. Keep your inserts together by date and it will be much easier to plan your shopping trip.

5. Don't get addicted - When I first started couponing I couldn't get enough of the great deals and savings I was getting each week. I was going out a few times each week getting the same deals on items that I really didn't need. Of course I need toothpaste but I didn't need 20 tubes of toothpaste at one time. I just loved the savings and kept going back over and over. You must draw a line and realize what you really need and how much is a realistic amount. Don't become obsessed and addicted to the savings. This is a good time to practice self-control.

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