Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Couponing: A husband’s perspective

Have you ever wondered what your husband thinks of couponing? I put mine to the test to tell all! Here is what he wrote:

Fear is a funny thing that is not universal. My wife and I differ greatly in our fears. She is afraid of little spider and tiny bugs, which makes me laugh as I watch her squirm and jump around. I am afraid of lines and coupons slowing down those lines. She laughs as she watches me fidget and squirm as we are about to check out. She has most likely caught on to my attempts to leave at the line saying “Oh I forgot to check on something. Here is the card I will be back in a minute.” I scamper off and wait till she is done.

One fear we share though is in our finances. I love her couponing and am grateful for her motives. So ladies realize if your husbands get a little scared he still supports you. I will tell you my perspective as a husband and non-couponer. Please forgive any lack of couponing experience.

The Line

The line is the most worrisome aspect of couponing. What if the coupons don’t work? Why is the person behind me looking at me like that? Are my nerves going to overcome me? These feelings might only persist in the weak of heart like myself, but overcoming these trials to save your family money is admirable. When my wife faces these fears and overcomes them to help provide I gain so much respect and pride in her.

The Grocery Bill

The weekly grocery bill may stay the same, but we leave with more food, little razors, and at times tiny sample products. Coupons are amazing, it feels like free money… and sometimes unneeded items. Now although the grocery bill seems the same, the expenses do go down. The reason being you don’t have to go back to the store as often. If you’re like me then those trips add up. I never grab only what I plan. I always grab more.

The Stockpile

The stockpile is always accumulating. It grows every day. My space is starting to belong to canned foods and excess beauty supplies. I wonder why I should bring up my issues with the stockpile, especially when it is profiting me. I love the stockpile when I leave my deodorant on vacations. The sight of it always growing scares me though, makes me wonder if it is needed, but then I realize if anything goes wrong we have a safety net.

The Emotions

The emotions are some of the hardest to overcome. Perfection is the desire, which comes only so often. Especially in shopping trips when you plan only to pay a dollar and sixty-nine cents, but a coupon goes wrong and you spent two dollars and some odd cents, then the self-discrimination happens. The problem is not the small difference of money spent, which causes the emotional pain. It is the fact that the plan failed, that perfection was not reached. The question is, does the motive behind the effort count for anything? The efforts women give to others may seem small, but the quantity accumulates and trust me it is recognized.

Watching my couponing lady go crazy and having to pick her up is a common practice I love. Why not help each other through our fears? I smash the bugs and she handles the lines and shopping. Do as much as you can and most of all try not to be afraid of being imperfect, because no one is perfect.

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