Sunday, February 12, 2017

I Work Full-Time!

     If I were to write an ad seeking to hire someone to fill my position in my place of work, what do you think it would contain? Bachelor's degree required? Entry level position accepted? Or perhaps something like this: Seeking someone with experience in these fields:

  • Cooking for several people 3-4 times a day.
  • Housekeeper in at least a four person home, with two children.
  • Must be able to manage finances and a budget on a weekly basis.
  • Must be able to come into work early and work late.
  • Sick days are not an option.
  • Must be able to communicate with someone who cannot talk.
  • Must be willing to give up personal time to ensure the livelihood of others.

    And the list goes on. Now I have to ask, would you apply for this job? Would you be willing to accept all the terms above and many more? It might not sound too appealing to certain people. But to me, this would be my dream job. Oh, wait! I am living my dream job. I’m a full-time mom. That’s right, I work full-time plus overtime in my home doing everything from waking up at 4 a.m. to change and feed a baby, to cleaning up a toddlers throw up. (We just got over the flu.) Yes, I really do love my job! I get to raise children. I get the privilege to teach them everything that they need to know in life. I get to comfort my son when he gets an owie. I get to cuddle a smiling baby just because she wants to be close to mommy.  

    My children are my world. I would sacrifice anything for them. That is what motherhood is about. Sacrifice. Sacrificing my time, my warm meals, my sleep, time to myself, and sometimes my sanity. It’s all worth it though. It’s worth every tear I cry when I feel like I’m failing. It is worth every smile I get from my children when we celebrate a new accomplishment. It is worth every hug, every kiss, every cuddle and every doubt. I work full time. I work full time physically. I work full time mentally. I work full time spiritually. Anybody who says that we as mothers don’t work as hard a someone working a fulltime job outside of the house can come spend a day in my shoes.

   Mothers are not working towards retirement because there will never be a day that we won’t be a mother to our children, grandchildren, or just someone in need. Motherly instincts kick in the day our first child is born to the day we take our last breath. It is more than a job. It is our calling. It is our purpose here on earth. Mothers are divine in what they do. Cherish and fulfill it.

Questions for YOU!
What was the first feeling you had when you became a mom?

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