Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hands Free Mama?

 Confession... I am on my phone a lot. There. I said it. It's a fact that I have come to terms with and I'm doing my best to change it. I wouldn't say its something I'm addicted to, but more so I love learning about new things. So, I find myself doing research and reading all the time on my phone. I am on social media quite a bit as well. When I realized how often I was on my phone I felt so guilty and horrible. I have two children and I am missing so much in their lives because I am staring at a screen rather than watching them grow in their accomplishments or giving them more attention.

        What am I doing about this problem that I have created for myself? I am fixing it. I found a book called "Hands Free Mama" by Rachel Macy Stafford. I absolutely love this book! I found it on Amazon and without ever hearing anything about it, I bought it. Since I have started reading it, I have found myself making more efforts to put down all my technology and spend more time with my kiddos. Having my hands free means more hugs, more playing with toys and coloring books, more cooking, more treasured moments.

         In this book Rachel talks about many experiences she had that opened her eyes to what she was missing out on. She was missing time with her children and her husband. I love the way she tells the stories and then offers you a challenge to do better in your week. This is well written and offers lots of advice on how to stay away from your phone, meaningless work, and free yourself from feeling like you are missing out on so much that happens each day. My favorite part about this book is the fact that she turns to God for help. We can't do everything on our own and she comes to terms with that and hands her problem over to God for help. This is what I am doing. I am the worst at trying to do everything on my own. I feel like if I can't do it myself, then I can't do it at all. I believe that in order to become a "hands free mama" you must find humility first and ask for help from God.

        This is what I have done. I am seeking help from God and together we are going to make efforts to be WITH my family, rather than just being around them. What efforts am I making to be with my family? I am leaving my phone in my room. I am thinking of more fun activities to do through the day with my kids. I am working to keep my home cleaner. When my home is messy all I want to do is be lazy. I am praying for help. These are my efforts I am making along with many others. I am choosing to be with my family.

Questions for YOU!
What efforts do you make to be a "hands free mama"?

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